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Pragya Trust

The word  Pragya means consciousness. The mystical texts of India, the Upanishads, call Pragya or Consciousness as the ultimate matter as well as the maker of the universe (Brahma). Pragyanam Brahma (Aitareyopanisad 3/1).
What is Pragya (consciousness)?

Scientists, as well as philosophers, have pondered over this question. None have reached a final answer to it. Consciousness is at once the most familiar and most inexplicable aspect of life. It may be “awareness”, “awareness of awareness” or “self-awareness”.
We, at Pragya Trust, are trying to explore different aspects of consciousness. We do not propose any rigid theory or concept about it. We are open to any possible answer that gives a solution to the problem of consciousness. We don’t give any answers, we are just raising the right questions!
The purpose behind such explorations is the idea that knowing the answer to the question will make us blissful.
We are also not stopping at the answer to the question- “what is consciousness”?
We are exploring different ways, methods, and techniques to realize it in its essence. Thus we are exploring and explaining Vedanta, Upanishads, Kashmir Shaiva Agam, Tantra, Psychology, Buddhism, Philosophy and Neuroscience.
The explorations on the above subjects are in the format of Retreats, Meditation-Classes, Seminar, Discussion, Study-Groups, etc.
Along with exploring consciousness (Pragya), Pragya Trust seeks to create a society, a civilization where such a self-inquiry is encouraged and praised. We aim to create a virtual and physical space where such things keep occurring more often. Thus we aim to create communes, ashrams (retreat centers), Kuti (solo retreat centers), eco-villages, etc.
The word “Trust” (in Pragya Trust) may give a connotation that it is an “organization”. Any organization is rigid while consciousness is fluid. It is not an organization rather a platform to support the above activities.
We are ready to contribute and collaborate with a like-minded individuals or platforms.

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Aditya Anand